where we ship

Fragrance in its finished form is a flammable product and subject to various regulations and restrictions with regard to shipping. We can only ship to the countries listed below and although we make every effort to ensure a smooth process and comply with all the shipper's requirements, we cannot accept responsibility for any matters relating to customs, duties and taxes in your location. These are your responsibility.

Within the countries listed below, some have regional restrictions on where we are able to ship. You can see the full list here.

If you have any questions about shipping, get in touch. 

Country Shipping Cost
 United Kingdom £5.00
 Austria £15.00
 Belgium £15.00
 Bulgaria £25.00
 Croatia £20.00
 Czech Republic £15.00
 Denmark £15.00
 Estonia £20.00
 Finland £20.00
 France £15.00
 Germany £15.00
 Guernsey £15.00
 Greece £25.00
 Hungary £20.00
 Ireland £15.00
 Isle of Man £15.00
 Italy £15.00
 Jersey £15.00
 Latvia £25.00
 Lithuania £25.00
 Luxembourg £15.00
 Netherlands £15.00
 Poland £20.00
 Portugal £20.00
 Romania £25.00
 Slovakia £15.00
 Slovenia £20.00
 Spain £15.00
 Sweden £20.00

 Costs vary by country based on international shipping and carrier costs.