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modernist fragrance

John was born and raised in an extended East London family. He worked for his father before he was old enough to leave school and entered higher education "late" and "non-traditionally". Unable to fund postgraduate study, he embarked on an accidental corporate career. Along the way, he met his civil partner and eventual husband, Andrew.

Taking a break from company life, he worked full-time as a writer and has seven novels published. Following his re-entry into the world of finance, John lived and worked in the US and Australia for a number of years. He and Andrew returned to the UK in 2008 where John was the Managing Director of a global business.

Leaving full time work at the end of 2014, and at Andrew's suggestion, John began formalizing a lifelong passion for fine fragrance. Soon after, John authored the modernist manifesto and founded the house of modernist fragrance.

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