the modernist - eau de parfum 50ml

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why smell the same? #smellmodern

Let the modernist beguile you, as a striking combination of floral and fruit calls out through a cloak of citrus. Bergamot opens the parfum and leads the way to a heart of Freesia, its sharp sweetness softening cleanly on the skin. Cradled by the warmth of Frankincense, this dominant, distinguished base and its complexity is enriched with Labdanum, timber and even fruit, creating an autograph for the wearer.

the modernist gets you noticed when you choose - and maintains a discreet presence any time you want to.

"With the modernist, I designed a fragrance that has the self-assured simplicity needed to be a signature. I was getting bored reading about 'fragrance wardrobes' and how people weren't looking for 'signature scents'. If you know, you know. I'm not a big fan of scents that arrive before you do and linger in the room after you’ve left. For sure, be powerful and be bold, but let them remember how you smell, not just the smell."

modernist fragrance produces exclusive luxury eau de parfum made by hand in England. Genderless and non-binary, these unusual unisex niche fragrances are produced in limited quantities using the finest ingredients. Rose, frankincense and honeysuckle combine with fresh citrus, haunting musk and deep woods. Available online only. Designed in London.