why would I buy a fragrance online?

Posted by The Modernist on

why wouldn’t you?

The way most of us buy fragrance is absolutely the worst way to do so.

Fragrance is a product you live with day and night, in different places, with different people. A quick spray onto a tester strip in a department store is not the way to select your parfum. Inhaling top notes in an overload of other smells around you - a sniff of coffee beans in between?

Have you gotten a bottle home and after a few days or a couple of weeks, realised it wasn’t for you? There were times and places it just didn’t work, people that didn’t like it?

A fragrance comes to life on your skin and it has a life-cycle. That rushed spritz among a dozen other bottles is only the beginning. You want to know how it will interact with you as it develops. How it fits you and your lifestyle. Good ones open up and tell their story over hours, not moments. Before you move in together, you need to know you’re infatuated and compatible,

Specially discounted sample vials will give you all you need to test modernist fragrances. They are exactly the same formulation and strength as the 50ml bottles. Used correctly, you’ll get 2 or 3 days of use and plenty of time to decide if you're right for each other...and if you do, the cost of your samples can be redeemed against the cost of any 50ml purchase.

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