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why you won't find our fragrances in shops...

Written By The Modernist 07 Nov 2019

we can get it for you wholesale

modernist fragrance available exclsuvely online

The Modernist Manifesto - Rule 6: Work with people who add to the value, not just the price.

When I held the very first fully finished and packaged bottle of the modernist, I reflected on the 4 years it had taken and all the people I had worked with who added to the value of that product. In the 2 years that followed, most of the people I dealt with just added to the price.

If you're not experienced in retail, essentially you take that bottle of fragrance I held in my hand and you add something on top of its cost and that becomes your wholesale price - the amount you're able to sell it to a retailer for and stay in business and make some money. The retailer then adds an amount on top of that wholesale price to arrive at retail the price you see in the shop. There are various industry standard amounts for these multipliers.

The quality of the raw materials I use PLUS the time spent developing each fragrance PLUS their relative cost to me in non-industrial quantities means that an industry standard multiplier would make my retail prices absolutely absurd in shops. Of course, that's an option as there are plenty of absurdly priced scents out there.

Initially, I set the pricing of my products to enable me to at least get them into retail, reasoning it was a marketing loss leader.

It's bemusing that some retailers love the idea of working with new, edgy, heritage, niche, independent, luxury etc. etc. but want to treat you as though you're Estee Lauder - huge wholesale discounts to the retailer, you pay for the staff, give them an exclusive arrangement, sale or return terms, some sort of expensive installation point of sale "art" piece worthy of the worst ever Turner Prize entries.  All risk and no return for the "opportunity". Our “USP”?...hmm, they smell really great?

I don't think so.

I used to wonder why I kept seeing so many stories about the crisis of retail, the death of the department store. I don't wonder anymore.

Since launching, I've honestly struggled with the pricing. I didn't want to be the "this is high end luxury at a wholesale price" guy because I want the fragrances to stand out in their own right. I didn't want gaudy or wacky packaging, but I did want the highest quality in all elements.

I wasn't going to invest all the passion, time and money it took to get the juice right and then remix it with cheap ingredients and pump it into a tacky bottle and crappy box.

The range is now priced to reflect that they won't be available (at these prices for sure) in stores. I've also equalised the prices of all three fragrances despite their differentials in ingredient costs and also manufacturing costs as the quantities made of each varied.

Despite not wanting to be that guy, this means these really are high end luxury fragrances that are fractionally priced compared to retail.

In short:

We only sell online and direct – no hefty retailer margins

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